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Hong Kong Airlines A320 Economy – smuggled on Hong Kong Express

Hong Kong Airlines has put its not so comfortable A320s in service, on Hong Kong Express (which has slightly better padded seats – although it doesn’t look like it – on its B737s).

Here is a picture of Hong Kong Express Economy Class:

hong kong express

Here is a picture of the smuggled aircraft’s economy class:

Hong Kong Airlines economy

These still have comfortable recline and pretty tuff seats, and I’ve seen them when I went to Taichung on UO 182 last August.


Is Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class worth it?

Hong Kong Airlines economy

Hong Kong Airlines’ Economy Class (above) and Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class (below)

hong kong airlines business class

It’s very true that Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class is just a glorified economy seat. But is it worth the fares? Let’s see:

Let’s use HX 356 (HKG – TYN) as an example.

  • Economy Class HKD$1250
  • Business Class HKD$3870

Would you give an extra 210% for adjustable headrests, slightly better service, an exclusive cabin, a little more recline and PTVS (Hong Kong Airline News even doubts that)? Business Class on Hong Kong Airlines is, well, more luxurious than Economy Class, but still, we don’t think it’s worth it.

Want to see the cunning deals between Hong Kong Airlines and its subsidiary? Click here.

Squeezing an extra seat into economy?

Some cheeky airlines have started improving business class quality and getting rid of economy quality at the same time.

Here is a gallery of Economy Class, and how airline economy class is getting worse by the minute.

cathay new economy

So what’s here? This is Cathay Pacific’s new Boeing 777-300ER economy class, which has economy seats 18.5 in wide (and a seat pitch of 32 in).

emirates economy

How it compares when it comes to Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER. As a luxury airline, these offer really good meals and service. However it really gets a little below-par when it comes to the width. Emirates offers the “high-density” layout that Boeing suggests, the 3-4-3 LCC-normed layout. If you’re sitting next to a person over 17in wide, don’t show him anything, but just feel sorry for yourself.

The Boeing 777, with such its big seats, has been a target of flexibility, with Boeing suggesting 4-6 abreast in First (what were they thinking?), 6-8 abreast in Business (guess they’ve never taken an airline’s first class service before), 8-9 in Premium Economy (better) and 9-10 in Economy. They point at the 10 abreast and say, “that’s high density”.

So is this jumbo jet the only target for squishing an extra seat into the den? Not really.

Thomas Cook Airlines and AirAsia X have come with a solution with an A330 too. Here’s Cathay’s (new) version of the A330:

cathay new a330

(We know it’s an A330 because of the two screens on the bulkhead of the left patch of seats.)

These seats are an ample 18.1in wide, which is more than acceptable for Economy. That’s why AK (and MT and Mexicana etc.) do this:

airasia x

16.7 in wide, these are really below par, even for cattle class.

Boeing 787s are also additionally refitting 3-3-3 layouts as opposed to Japan Airlines’ lone 2-4-2 layout in the aviation industry. (ANA went for 3-3-3 very recently because of a 2-3-2 premium economy cabin.)

Airbus A380-800/900 is also suggesting a 3-5-3 layout in Economy (or a 4-3-4 layout in that matter) with 17in wide seats – at 16.8″ width per seat. We’re suggesting low cost carriers (Ryanair) do that, but for legacy carriers like Emirates? Keep the 3-4-3 layout.

Let’s see when they start squeezing in 4-3 in A320s and 737s…

New Cathay Pacific Flights – LAX and ORD

Okay, this was announced by Cathay last Wednesday, but still, in case you didn’t know:

  1. CX 892 HKG – LAX 09:30 – 07:55
  2. CX 893 LAX – HKG 09:40 – 15:25
  3. CX 800 HKG – ORD 18:25 – 20:20
  4. CX 801 ORD – HKG 01:15 – 05:50

All of these new flights will run on 777-300ERs, with CX 892/3 running with F, C, PY and Y and CX 800/1 running with C, PY and Y (i.e. non-F).


It’s not the first time this picture has come up on HKAN, but it does make you imagine yourself in this luxurious seat…

Can you wait?

American to bring itself to Hong Kong

American should have come earlier, but it was just yesterday that American Airlines announced that they would bring their new Cathay-inspired B777-300ER to Hong Kong from Dallas Fort Worth.

In those big birds they would install their new First Class, a replica of Cathay Pacific’s business class, what looks like a replica of Cathay’s economy class (as Economy+) and the super slim (speaking of width) notorious 3-4-3 economy layout.

And trust me, they look good. (Yes, even economy.)


That’s AA’s first class that takes role as the pointy end of the bird that comes to Hong Kong.


American’s new business class is fully flat and bears a striking resemblance to Cathay’s business class of 2011, see below.


That’s Main Cabin Extra, or Premium Economy, which looks quite like CX’s economy class.


They don’t look bad, do they?

So expect AA to roll in its big bird in June 2014 – which is a long time away, but when they come, it’ll be worth the wait. AA seems to want to fly the bird (actually, birds) here daily, with schedules to be announced later this year, or possibly early the next.

Hong Kong to Brisbane: QF or CX?

Hong Kong and Brisbane have equally comfortable seats on their A330 aircraft. Which should you choose?

  • Business Class: Cathay. Cathay has its new wide product with direct aisle access and fully flat beds. Qantas will have a comparable, but not better product by early 2015.
  • Economy Class: Cathay (again). The problem with Qantas, which will exceed Cathay by 2015 in the new A330 configuration, is that they use an old product across to Hong Kong. Brisbane, unlike Sydney, sees a QF A330.