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Happy Easter, and new cabin interiors!

This contest will be cancelled next Friday because if everything works out I’ll be having fun in Singapore. 🙂



These are Thai Smile and Virgin Atlantic (congrats Jason).

Now who can work these out?


20 pt


80 pt

I basically tapered off the posts and no one seemed to notice. Both these pictures belong to Sudan Airways.


Again, another Friday…

Happy Christmas!

I thought the last guessing competition would be easy, so I think it’s that no one’s reading my blog. 😦 Anyway, here’s the picture:


US Airways? Have you heard of them before?

Here’s a new airline interior. It may be easy for some, but hard for some as well. So, drum roll please, here’s the new interior:

jumping man

Whoops. Guess that popped into the blog by mistake. Now, here’s the interior: