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New Singapore SilverKris Hong Kong Lounge Open

Singapore Airlines has had a mediocre lounge in Hong Kong. It was dark, and didn’t have any views of the tarmac, and what we could do in their wasn’t much either.


Singapore Airlines old SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong

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Singapore Airlines Economy Transit Lounge Access

I’ve flown Singapore Airlines twice, on their A380 and the 777-300ER in their okay-comfortable economy.


Singapore Airlines is now offering lounge access for transit economy passengers through Singapore, but in a slightly twisted way.

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UA 869 – the longest flight without PTV?

Earlier I shared my thoughts about the best and worst Business Class flights from San Francisco. Of course, all of them are quite good products, so it’s not a big deal.

What really matters is the poor Economy travellers (like us) which have to look at the projector for the better part of a day on UA 869 from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

It isn’t nearly as bad as AR 1180 from Buenos Aires to Sydney which required looking out the window/at your lower body part feet for 16 hours, but that’s over, replaced by the need to connect in Santiago for a more legitimate entertained and less austere Qantas flight.

Avoid UA 869/UA 862 if you’re in Economy, and instead try affording to travel on Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines.

And I was pissed with the shell Economy seats…

Why I regret not choosing Singapore Airlines to Singapore

Earlier this week I wrote a post entitled “Should I regret not taking the A380“, and I’ll be honest here – I really regret it. And this is definitely not so I can try the A380.


What I seriously regret is not trying the 777-200 Singapore Airlines regional for you guys. I’ve really wanted to try premium economy, but it comes to realize that there are about a million Cathay Pacific premium economy reviews over the internet and literally no reviews of the Singapore Airlines 777-200 in economy class (there are just many business class reviews).

I’ve been on a Bangkok Airways 3 hour flight without PTVs, and I didn’t use my PTV any of the two times I’ve taken Singapore Airlines before (blame the night timings). So loop entertainment should be fine for me. And it’s going to be totally worth it when I make the comparison between SQ short and long haul.

I’m sorry I disappointed you, readers. At least you get to read reviews of Cathay Pacific premium economy twice, even though they’re the same product. Next time I fly there I’ll be sure to take Singapore.

Should I regret not taking the A380?

So in April, if my time schedule at work allows, I’ll be travelling to Singapore on Cathay Pacific’s premium economy.


However the last time I’ve taken the A380, I slept through most of the flight, so I haven’t actually explored the A380. Of course, speaking of that, there are three upsides to NOT taking the A380: if I’m on Cathay Pacific, I get Premium Economy (not Economy), timings are better, and on Singapore Airlines the only flight we could book back was a 777-200.

It’s actually a pity now I think of it, since the A380 is such a magnificent aircraft. It’s especially good to sit on the upper deck (which SQ 861 provides with Economy), since you get extra space and a spacious cabin.

And seriously, economy on a four-hour flight isn’t so bad, even in the 777-200 (though I’m not sure if I can live for four hours with just a puny screen with loop entertainment).


(Damn, looking at the cabin picture reminds me of Air New Zealand 777-200 Economy.)


Should I be sorry?

Flying business class on Scoot in April…?

I’m not one who flies business class usually, so it’s a surprise that this is going to be happening.

Right now, it’s already quite exciting for me to have a seat with a footrest, so it’ll be quite interesting, even on a short flight from Singapore to Hong Kong.

My parents plan our family trip so we’re not sure if we’ll be taking Scoot, especially because of the timing, but it’s the first time my parents put business class into consideration.

We’ll be on Scoot for the flight if it becomes possible, especially since it’s eight hundred quid less than SQ economy class.