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5 Airline products that I want to try (and have a chance to)…

I figured I’d make up a list of airline products that I’m itching to try, so here you go…

Cathay Pacific/Dragonair New Economy Class

While I’ve flown the old product a couple of times this year, I haven’t flown the new economy product, so it’s up there on my list of products to try.


THAI Economy Class

I’m going to Phuket most likely in February, so THAI’s economy class should be a better option than Dragonair’s A320, and the timings work out better for us. Watching a non-CX or KA plane in front of my gate will be nice…


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Father of MH 17 passenger writes message to Putin “thanking” him for murdering his child

While not really related to aviation, I found this really touching (and interesting, and mildly aviation related, of course).

A father of three beloved passengers on their way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam on MH 17 on July 17th wrote a message to Putin and published it publicly on Facebook.

Thank you very much mister Putin, leaders of the separatists or the Ukraine government!

For murdering my loved and only child, Elsemiek de Borst!
She was 17 years old, 5th “gymnasium” student at the “Segbroek College” in Den Haag.
And she was on her way to her holiday in Malaysia together with her little brother, her mom (my ex-wife) and her stepfather.

Elsemiek would have done her final school exams next year, together with her best friend Julia and Marina, she did so good in school!
After that she wanted to go to the “Technical University Delft” to study engineering, she was looking forward to it!

But suddenly she is not here anymore! She has been shot out of the sky, in an unknown country, where there is a war going on!

Aforementioned misters, I hope you’re proud to have shot her, amongst other, young life and future.
And that you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning.

I hope you will receive this message, maybe translated in English (what you as a intelligent gentleman could read just fine)

Thanks again!

Regards, Elsemieks father Hans de Borst from Monster, The Netherlands, whose life is ruined!!

PS mister Putin, I hope that your intense conversation with our prime-minster Rutte opened your eyes!
I know you are impressed by this and I would find it impressive if you took the initiative to guard the crash-sight with the Russian military, so the Dutch investigators can do their job.
Thanks in advance.

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Reflecting on MH370, MH17 and the most that matters in life

Yesterday (or rather, this morning)’s news about MH 17 has left me struck dumb. Planning to go to bed before then, I sat down, constructed my initial thoughts, then wrote them down here. I could sleep last night (due to tiredness and not indifference), but I sat under my covers last night thinking. Thinking about a few incidents that relates to this.

I’ll start with my new thoughts of MH 370. However I’ll keep my thoughts brief, as my main concern isn’t actually this right now (though I’m still really damn concerned about all onboard MH 370 and the family and friends of all onboard). My old post entitled “Does everything have to be looked up the dark side?” was downright ridiculous, now that I think of it. Over the months, sympathy for the family and friends of all those onboard and guiltiness of ever thinking about such an ordeal in a lighthearted way has grown on me.

Back last November a Filipino friend of mine heard the news of Typhoon Haiyan messing up her hometown, Tacloban, and, worrying profusely about her children, she literally didn’t eat for days. The fact that she didn’t know if her children were dead or alive was truly terrifying her. We bought her a boarding pass back to the Philippines, where thank god her children were all right.

However the family and friends of all onboard MH 370 are still in the “pending” situation. That could drive them crazy.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 loses contact and crashes in Ukraine

I was about to go to bed just now when I saw about 50-100 tweets about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Usually that’s a bad thing, and this was no exception: I found that the flight, 9M-MRD, had crashed near the city of Donetsk, carrying 295 people. All are assumed to be dead but firefighters are currently searching for live bodies.

I won’t go into it anymore since it’s already 1am in the morning, but I will have a follow up post in the morning. But I’ll share my initial thoughts:

  • I felt like we shouldn’t always look up the dark side when MH 370 went missing. I don’t feel that way now. Ultimately, thinking clearly, I can’t really list a bright side of the incident. I think I’ve just matured in thought and can no longer see things with such a light heart sometimes.
  • Ultimately this isn’t as devastating as MH 370, since the feeling that the status of your family members is “unknown” is a lot worse than knowing that your family members are dead, but it is still really devastating for me. I’ve always wanted to try Malaysia Airlines, so it feels like a “future home” to me, so I’m really concerned about this.
  • I’ve always thought that Malaysia Airlines had a “one off” on safety when MH 370 disappeared (I realise the words “one off” could be offending, but please understand that I mean “ultimate fatal safety flaw” instead of “instability”), but after MH 17 crashed I no longer feel that way. They’re a great airline, but I think I’ll hesitate to fly Malaysia Airlines if anything else happens in the future, which I pray doesn’t happen.

I’ll share my thoughts after a good night of sleep (it’s 1am, and concerned or not I’ll collapse anyhow), and I’ll share my refreshed, organised thoughts in the morning.

Best wishes, and safe travels everyone.

Does everything have to be looked at from the dark side?

At about 1am this morning Lucky from One Mile at a Time published a post (reading this post highly recommended) about his own thoughts about Malaysia Airlines MH 370. It was close enough to bringing a tear to my eye. I now feel guilty that I was able to sleep last night without even thinking about it. Also how I looked so far forward to having a great trip on CX to Singapore yesterday, without even stopping and thinking about this incident.

However should people stop flying? Does everything have to be looked at from the dark side? I’m not sure about that. (I might get too philosophical here.) Everyone has a deceasing point, right? No matter when they die, people will mourn as they do now. And one thing to truly remember (especially for those who are now avoiding MH) is that this is the first Malaysia Airlines incident in 19 years.

This tragic incident has been the first truly major incident that has happened to the 777. What are the chances of a 777 crashing again and killing 239 people? Probably another 15-20 years. So the 777 is not an aircraft to avoid, it’s just…”every[thing]’s a fixer upper”. Don’t get me wrong here, I can’t even start to think of how the people who lost their families feel, but I’m stopping peoples’ fear of MH and fear of flying, not stopping anyone from grieving.

What’s the most important thing is that flying is still safe. Flying is still the safest way of traveling in the world. Don’t fear flying! Accidents on a car probably kill more people than they do on a plane. And when a plane falls (as with MH 370), remember, remember that the plane hasn’t been found – the people inside 9M-MRO might have safely climbed on a remote Vietnamese coast while the plane sank. Less than 15% of the KUL – PEK route is sea.

This is how we stay happy, not to move on, but to reflect from the bright side.


oneworld here to help…

oneworld is helping Malaysia Airlines track the aircraft 9M-MRO and sort out the catastrophe that MH 370 has caused.

As from Bruce Ashby (oneworld CEO):

Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues at Malaysia Airlines and in particularly the passengers and crew on flight MH370 and the relatives and friends.  We have advised the team at Malaysia Airlines that oneworld and its other member airlines are available to provide any assistance.

I have many things to say about this, but the first is: What a great alliance…

P.S. It’s very creepy that 9M-MRO has gone missing, since according to Flightaware it just left Hong Kong airspace two days ago on flight MH 449…