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EVA Air Hello Kitty Airbus A330-200 Economy vs Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Economy from Taipei to Hong Kong

My friend Jason and I are having a heated conversation about EVA Air versus Cathay Pacific in Economy from Taipei to Hong Kong (of course, we’re setting the standards high with EVA Kitty). I lean towards Cathay Pacific sometimes, but I’m nowhere as fanboy-ish towards the airline as Jason is – I mean, take Lucky’s love for Lufthansa (alliteration not intended) and multiply that by ten, and you’ll get an impression of how Jason loves Cathay.

I love EVA too (the last flight I flew before I started reviewing flights was on EVA), so I’d share my general impressions of how the products compare (the only pictures I took of EVA had my sister in the middle of it so I can’t crop her out, so I’ll have to find pictures off the Internet, sorry).

Note: Only half the Taipei CX flights are on the A330, so please only take reference if you are taking the A330 (or the 777-300ER with a similar product).

Cathay Pacific A330 Economy Class

The seat

I’m generally a fan of Cathay’s A330 economy class. While I’ve never been booked in a new CX seat, I’ve sat in one and tried it for a total of thirty seconds (much to the surprise of the person next to the empty seat), so I know how it feels like.


It’s plush and quite comfy, and is perfect for a 16-hour flight, much more an hour-long hop.



The food

(I’m making a rough assumption that Premium Economy and Economy food are similar.)

Having lucked out on dinner/lunch food on flights to both Auckland and Singapore, I think the good “main meal” food is the norm and not a “fluke”, if you can call it that. So I have generally positive impressions on Cathay’s food.


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I want to fly the Hello Kitty Jet again…

I’ve made a few posts with coverage of the EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet already.

Hello Kitty

However one thing I haven’t posted is my review. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty acquainted with the Hello Kitty Jet already, but my excitement, even after taking the Hello Kitty jet, still bubbles, mostly due to the fact that I’ve already taken it, but also due to the fact that I can take it again soon (we all loved Taipei).

It would be nice to stay at W Taipei again next year (or somewhere else, in that matter), and I personally think Taipei has a Tokyo-like vibe. Now that we’re avoiding Tokyo due to the radiation, I think Taipei is a nice “substitute” (for now).

If I were to go to Taipei again, I’d probably choose this itinerary:

HX 252 HKG – TPE 09:35 – 11:25 333 (first time I’d fly mainline HX)
——W Taipei——
BR 857 TPE – HKG 18:10 – 20:00 332 (the Hello Kitty Jet, of course! codeshare HX)

EVA Air’s flights to Taipei – and our recommendations

  1. BR 828 07:30 – 09:10 A321 Not recommended – bad product, and too early for leisure travellers.
  2. BR 892 09:50 – 11:30 B777-300ER (Wednesdays) Recommended – really, but only on Wednesdays.
  3. BR 852 11:10 – 12:50 A330-200 (non Mon, Thu or Sat) Recommended – but the B747-400 Combi is really not ideal, so we outrule Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  4. BR 868 13:40 – 15:20 A330-200 (non Wed) We recommend this but Wednesdays (on the MD-90) – we’ve never tried, you could be adventurous.
  5. BR 870 15:30 – 17:10 A330-200 (Tue, Thur, Sat) If you want a normal flying experience (no non-PTV or McDonnell MD-90 austerity), then take the Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday flight.
  6. BR 856 17:05 – 18:45 A330-200 (non Mon, Thu or Sat) Try not to take the B747-400 Combi on Mondays, Thursdays or Saturdays. They’re just…not that good.
  7. BR 872 19:25 – 21:05 B747-400 (Wed) We actually put this over the Combi verson and the A330-200 – give it a try. You may be satisfied.
  8. BR 858 21:00 – 22:40 A330-200 (Daily) Take the Hello Kitty flight if you can. It’s awesome.
  9. BR 810 21:45 – 23:25 A321/MD-90 One to be avoided. Especially when there’s this excellent flight right before this one.

EVA Air Hello Kitty on Hong Kong routes (actually, for some time already)

Cathay and airlines like Hong Kong Airlines etc. offer quite nice service to Taipei, but you can never forget the EVA Air experience. EVA Air offers normal service and slightly better service on some flights. Which flights are that? Hong Kong Airline News knows the answers:

  1. BR 857 TPE – HKG 18:10 – 19:50
  2. BR 858 HKG – TPE 21:00 – 22:45

These Hello Kitty Special Service flights offer better IFE system and refurbished headrests as well as Hello Kitty Toilet Paper. The service isn’t actually different, but you know you’re a VIP when you hear the Christmassy music (?) when you board the plane.

For Hong Kongers to Taipei, we recommend BR 852/892 on the inbound but we highly recommend BR 857 on your return.