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Hong Kong Airlines A320 Economy – smuggled on Hong Kong Express

Hong Kong Airlines has put its not so comfortable A320s in service, on Hong Kong Express (which has slightly better padded seats – although it doesn’t look like it – on its B737s).

Here is a picture of Hong Kong Express Economy Class:

hong kong express

Here is a picture of the smuggled aircraft’s economy class:

Hong Kong Airlines economy

These still have comfortable recline and pretty tuff seats, and I’ve seen them when I went to Taichung on UO 182 last August.


Is Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class worth it?

Hong Kong Airlines economy

Hong Kong Airlines’ Economy Class (above) and Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class (below)

hong kong airlines business class

It’s very true that Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class is just a glorified economy seat. But is it worth the fares? Let’s see:

Let’s use HX 356 (HKG – TYN) as an example.

  • Economy Class HKD$1250
  • Business Class HKD$3870

Would you give an extra 210% for adjustable headrests, slightly better service, an exclusive cabin, a little more recline and PTVS (Hong Kong Airline News even doubts that)? Business Class on Hong Kong Airlines is, well, more luxurious than Economy Class, but still, we don’t think it’s worth it.

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