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New blog is up!

A few things to note before I leave this media packed blog for my new one:

  • Say hello to Jason, who’s just joined the blog
  • You will now be able to see who posted what from the usernames

Also, keep note that I will be continuing this blog, and not starting from scratch.

Thanks for being with me, and remember to keep reading my blog!


The new Hong Kong Airline News

As I explained ~15 minutes earlier, Hong Kong Airline News has run out of upload space.

Instead of deleting every unused pic on the blog, I am actually going to start another blog that looks pretty much exactly the same as this one, but here are the changes:

Goodbye Hong Kong Airline News, hello The Young Travelers of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airline News seems a little too cliché for this blog, so a new blog address, probably, will appear and take over. We’re young (I’m 13 and Jason’s 12) and we’re from Hong Kong, so that’s as easy as a blog address gets.

Hello Jason

Jason, who’s posted a trip report on the blog and has two to follow, will be joining the blog. I’m going to be his editor, of course, and he’ll be putting some great stuff up. At the same time, will be officially discontinued.

Hello to our own accounts

Jason and I have been sharing an account all along. Now, you will easily be able to see who posted what.

Not much else will change

Content is king, and I will continue to post my trip reports (starting from my exploration of Yufuin). Of course, the trip report index will stay, and everything else will (except “Random Trip Itineraries”). All trip report index entries already linked will link back to Hong Kong Airline News, which will stay (as in everything continued will be on a different blog, but we won’t take this one down).

What did I miss?

Bottom line

I’m pretty excited for this one! New blog will come up tomorrow at the latest and will take some getting used to and switching, so expect time.

As the blog grows, it undergoes a few more changes

You might have noticed that the blog changed dramatically last Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.21.43 AM

Rest in peace, old Hong Kong Airline News.

Instead I have taken on the more modern WordPress 2014 theme. I believe in “content is king”, but there were a few factors that “made” me change to the new 2014 theme (I used to do the WordPress 2012 theme).

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.03.56 PM

This is the future, the new Hong Kong Airline News.

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Japanese toilet categories

In light of my Kyushu Karnival trip report, I thought it’d be good to “categorize” three types of toilets you see at Japan, and link each post with such reference over here.

Category 1 toilet: “Normal” toilet

These are those non-bidet style toilets, where all you can do is do your business in the toilet. The only thing most people are actually missing is the ability to heat the toilet cover, but that’s a big advantage, so these are the lesser toilets out there.


No, they don’t have to be this colour

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Now I’m back, trip reporting will continue…

I’m back from Kyushu (and the next time I see a plane could very well be February), and before I roll out my trip report, I’ve still got Jason’s trip report, OneWorld Extravaganza, pending. Jason’s coming back on Wednesday, but by the time I roll out the installments he’d probably be back anyway.


I got quite a bit of work to do…

Stuff will come in the next few days, so stay tuned. Hoteiya Yufu City will not get a teaser and I’ll review it after I finish the current trip report. I hope to get everything finished by the end of September, then I’ll contact some friends for trip reports. 😀