My 2015 bucket list

Earlier this week Lucky published his 2015 bucket list, though he only talked about the festivals he wanted to visit.

While I haven’t planned far ahead yet (and still have a tiny bit of travel to do this year), I do have a little travel planned for next year, and I figured I might as well share it.


This is a confirmed trip. I’m flying with a friend (who came with me to New Zealand back last February) down to Phuket most likely in Thai’s business class, and we’re staying at The Bell Phuket, which we booked on a package.


(Both the Anantara Mai Khao and the Naka Island appealed to us, but they simply don’t have big enough rooms…)


One of the most appealing countries I need to visit that I’ve yet to is South Korea. My mother wrongly believed that it was a boring country, but now she knows otherwise, so…


On the flight front, Korean Air has some great business class fares. On the hotel front, the Conrad, Sheraton D-Cube and Park Hyatt are all on our list, but I’m not sure which is best…


Busan is a city I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s pretty nice and my mom loves shopping, and as far as I know the city delivers. We’ll probably fly from Seoul, but I can’t be sure.


On the hotel front, Park Hyatt Busan is on my list, but I don’t know about the cost…

Kawasaki, Japan

As the Korea trip is meant to be an Easter trip, we’re trying to catch on with the day of the Kanamara Matsuri, as it did intrigue me. As Tokyo is quite affected by radiation, our plans are to just go for a day trip while connecting from Seoul to Busan, if it works out.


Anyway, I think I have more trip reports than future plans to cover, so wait for them as they roll out!

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