First impressions of Mongolia

Ni hao from the Air China Business Lounge Beijing!

I was in Ulaanbaatar a bit for some work, and as my agency doesn’t have a dorm in Ulaanbaatar (hell, I didn’t even know Ulaanbaatar had clinics), I stayed at the Ramada, which my agency paid for. The joys of not working in Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai… 😛


Ramada Ulaanbaatar Citycenter King Bed Non-Smoking Room

I’ve spent a day or two off in other cities after work, including Tokyo and Shanghai, and even my favourite city, Hanoi.


Streets of Hanoi

But I did the same in Ulaanbaatar, and bloody hell, Ulaanbaatar was just surreal.

It was totally surreal in a different way than I’d ever have imagined it to be.

2013-05-11 344 Ulaanbaatar railway station

Ulaanbaatar trans-Siberian Train Station

Studies show that Ulaanbaatar is the most polluted city on Earth. Well, I guess so. But it didn’t feel smoggy (if you know what I mean) – it felt charming, like after a rainy day at all times. It was never glaringly hot…almost like it felt like it just finished raining 24/7 (except that the floor was dry).

2013-05-11 347 walking to the hotel

Streets of Ulaanbaatar

2013-05-11 346 Ulaanbaatar railway station

Ulaanbaatar Station

The vibe felt like St. Petersburg’s which I had visited a few years ago – since Ulaanbaatar isn’t that populated and is really big, it actually felt even more “relaxing”, as everything is spread out.

2013-05-11 358 Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar

Sukbaatar Square Ulaanbaatar

As I’ll have an installment on Ulaanbaatar in my trip report, I won’t add any more details. At least, I liked the stores there…

2013-05-11 377 Peace Avenue, Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar stores

Bottom line

I can’t wait to return again…for leisure. I’d definitely want to visit more of Mongolia (and Inner Mongolia).


Air China Boeing 737-800 Business Class


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