Travel season ends for me…

My travel season is pretty much over for the year. Next time I see an airport, it should be February next year.


We don’t go anywhere for Christmas (my dad’s job), and I’m still a schooling student, and I’m a good student who looks for at least a 100% attendance rate, and…

This is a good time for me to fix my Internet and get those trip reports running out. I’m aiming for my “Dining at Seikai Beppu” trip report to roll out today, and my subsequent reports to roll out in the next week or so.

This has been an amazing year on the travel front, and while I’ve only taken ten flights since February (well, from the travel blogger perspective that’s close to nothing), I’ve taken my longest flight, tried four new cabin products (Cathay Pacific’s premium economy, Dragonair’s business class and Dragonair’s new economy, as well as Air New Zealand 777-200 economy), and have stayed in ten new hotels (admittedly that’s damn little, but at least that’s more than Lucky in his first year, even though I will actually be staying in less and not more throughout my schooling due to the added frequency of exams).


Dragonair Airbus A330-300 Business Class


Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Premium Economy


Dragonair Airbus A330-300 New Economy Class

In addition, I welcome Air New Zealand to the list of airlines I’ve taken, which, while it didn’t impress me, I’d definitely give another shot given the chance.


Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200 Economy Class

And I welcome Hyatt to the list of the hotel chains I’ve stayed in (the two Hyatt hotels I’ve stayed at this year are the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and the Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai, the latter that I’ll review probably by next month), which I’m definitely intrigued by (though none of the mentioned properties impressed me).


Hyatt on the Bund Twin Room

I’m excited for next year, and already have plans for THAI and Korean Air business class (though neither are confirmed, and the latter will most likely not happen, sadly)! I’ll continue to write up my reviews, and put some extra posts up for discussion, and hopefully I get more interaction on the blog (hey, that’s half the reason why I blog).


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