The true epitome of travel

I travel for leisure. Normally with parents we rent a car and travel to spots that either TripAdvisor recommends, or are actual “landmarks” on our travel book.


Waiotapu Volcanic Wonderland Champagne Pool, Rotorua


Sanrio Harmony Land, Beppu

Especially with children, this is a great way to travel. For example, I went to Yufuin in August (a tourist attraction – more on that, between my mysteriously slow Internet, travels and continuous work the trip report is taking a hell of a long time to write), and between the charm and the vibe it quickly grew into one of my favourite towns on Earth (well, I’m not that sure what other places are on that list, though Cingjing Farm, Taiwan is definitely one of them, and I guess Taipei and Shanghai are probably there on the top ten too).


Yufuin City

I spent the past few days in Shanghai with my aunt, who has a similar travel logic as mine, which is walking around the streets, capturing the city’s vibe. You don’t see the city, or even hear the city, but I think you’re supposed to feel the city (and not purely the attractions).

I mean, Ho Chi Minh is fascinating when trying to cross the street, but I thought my first shot at this wouldn’t be that interesting (I mean, I have walked around cities like Fukuoka, and it took me, well, a night, to soak in the vibe).

Man, was it eye opening.


Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

I mean, it was simply…like no other than the Ladies’ Market on a Friday night (okay, I haven’t been stuck in such a situation, so I’m just assuming).

Each day the vibe “felt” different. On the first night it felt hustling, the second night it felt somehow less foreign and by the third night I felt like I was part of the city. It was like wine tasting. It’s sparkling and either too sweet, acidic or strange at first, though moulds itself into something spectacular as you drink on.


Shanghai Metro

A short post (as the WiFi at home is starting to become abysmal), but this trip definitely changed my travel perspective (okay, I guess my upcoming Phuket trip doesn’t apply)!


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