Why I need WiFi

For the first night at the Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai WiFi has been decent.


Tonight the WiFi situation has been downright abysmal, and has kept disconnecting (and I actually have to open the door repeatedly to catch the signal).

Let me first say that I paid CNY60 for each day of WiFi, which isn’t too cheap (and I’m not happy about it, even though I need it), and this WiFi quality is unacceptable given the price.


(I’m blogging leaning against the door right now, with the hotel door open for WiFi, which tells you about how bad the situation is.)

My room is shared in a small area with a one bedroom suite, and my prediction is that the WiFi works in the suite and was meant to operate room 1305 as well but isn’t succeeding at it.

That being said, first let me say that this was a room allocated to us when we said that the wait for our original room would be too long, so I can’t complain (though the wait was too long, so I’ll complain about that).

I’m kind of thanking the Hyatt for the WiFi situation, as it gave me a little time to sit down and reflect on how important WiFi is to us while traveling these days.

Communicating with family and friends

I guess this one’s a no brainer, especially for a person traveling alone like me. For Jason to send me pictures for his Seoul trip report (more on that later), I do need WiFi to accept it – and to talk to my mom, dad and sister, WhatsApp is pretty much our only method and WiFi is needed to use it.


Researching about places to go the next day

I like wandering around streets to experience the city vibe, but sometimes it’s nice to know how to get to an area to wander around in, and sometimes, how to get somewhere to meet someone or see an attraction. Yes, call me an impromptu traveler, that’s how I roll.



Instagram is alive and well in China, so I need WiFi to use it.


‘Nuff said.


I gotta stay committed…

Bottom Line

Hyatt On The Bund, I understand that this is your entry level Guestroom, but paying CNY60 to blog near the door hearing “oh $hit” over and over again as the man from the smoking suite next door passes by won’t cut it. Sorry.

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