Review: Kyushu Karnival – Dining at Seikai Beppu

Cathay Pacific The Cabin Business Class Lounge Hong Kong
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Seikai Beppu
Dining at Seikai Beppu
Exploring Beppu
Hoteiya Yufu City
Dining at Hoteiya Yufu City
Exploring Yufuin
Lounge Fukuoka Fukuoka
KA 381 FUK – HKG 333 J

Disclosure: Apologies, but part of why this post took so long is because my WiFi suddenly slowed down. While it used to take 5 seconds to load a picture, it now takes 1-2 minutes. I have no idea why and am looking into it. Thanks for your patience!

Update: WiFi fixed. 😀

The food at both ryokans I stayed in were phenomenal. That said, I wanted to provide a food critic’s view of the food as well as a traveler’s view of it (i.e. amazingly awesome). Well, this installment is mostly for the pictures since if I added it to the rest of the hotel report, it could jam your computer (due to the amount of pictures).

All three restaurants (including the two that I tried) at Seikai Beppu were available for dinner. For the first night I tried Gen, Seikai’s signature restaurant, and the second night I tried Eitaro, Seikai’s seafood restaurant. Both delivered.

We ate at Eitaro both mornings (as it was the only restaurant available for breakfast).


Seikai Beppu Eitaro Restaurant

The first night at Gen, we were served by a Chinese lady. She was nice, but it turned out sometimes she was describing the dishes wrong, so points gone for that.


Seikai Beppu Gen Menu

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Travel season ends for me…

My travel season is pretty much over for the year. Next time I see an airport, it should be February next year.


We don’t go anywhere for Christmas (my dad’s job), and I’m still a schooling student, and I’m a good student who looks for at least a 100% attendance rate, and…

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The true epitome of travel

I travel for leisure. Normally with parents we rent a car and travel to spots that either TripAdvisor recommends, or are actual “landmarks” on our travel book.


Waiotapu Volcanic Wonderland Champagne Pool, Rotorua

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The old and new of the A330

I flew back from Shanghai Pudong today on Dragonair, as the second and last leg of my package. Ultimately I received B-LAA (a 9 year old A330-300), as opposed to B-HLC (a 19 year old A330-300) on the way to, which is much older (but has been refurbished with the new Economy seats too). Contrary to my expectations the difference was pretty big.


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Why I need WiFi

For the first night at the Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai WiFi has been decent.


Tonight the WiFi situation has been downright abysmal, and has kept disconnecting (and I actually have to open the door repeatedly to catch the signal).

Let me first say that I paid CNY60 for each day of WiFi, which isn’t too cheap (and I’m not happy about it, even though I need it), and this WiFi quality is unacceptable given the price.


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Dragonair A330-300 New Economy Class

Nihao from Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai! I came to Shanghai this morning on Dragonair, and I’m happy to say that I had the new economy product, which I’ve always wanted to try but thwarted my own chances.

I’d seen and tested out the seat before, but this was the first time I actually got intimate with familiarized with the seat.


Dragonair A330 New Economy Ground Services

Second to none.


Dragonair A330 New Economy Seat

Dragonair’s new A330 Economy is identical to Cathay’s A330 and 777 economy, as well as the airline’s own A321 Economy.


Unfortunately, I was stuck in one of the middle seats, 44F, and my seatmate on the right was one of the chunkiest and most sizeable people I’d seen, as well as the most clueless (more on that later).


The cloth used for the seats didn’t feel scratchy at all, and the seat was well padded. I’d take this over Singapore’s A380 seats (which I took in 2010) any day, and over EVA’s A330-200 seats (really, those are the only two comparable seats, regardless if I’ve taken them or not).

Also, I love seats with an extra layer of padding (as opposed to just padding over the seat wrapped with cloth), and this seat delivered.


Well padded and with sizeable recline, I’d have no big problem with the seat over a 10 hour period (maybe that’s all I can stand the seat), let alone a two hour flight.


Dragonair A330 New Economy Headphones

Unfortunately, the headphones haven’t changed, as they looked crap. Fortunately, though they feel kinda tight on your ears, they work pretty well.


Dragonair A330 New Economy Class IFE

Dragonair, Dragonair, Dragonair. Keep the touchscreen, but don’t scrap the remote control. My screen kept malfunctioning and I couldn’t watch The Fault in Our Stars even though if I wanted to.


Dragonair A330 New Economy Class Meals

All Dragonair lacked in their meals today was presentation. The fish I had on my flight was fresh tasting, flaky and the linguine was spiced with olive oil too.


With the pumpkin and prawn salad we were served, it was a ugly business class meal. Yum.

Dragonair A330 New Economy Class Service

Bottom line on service? It was the most unpolished flight I’d had throughout the year, and with Air New Zealand also running for that title, there’s some competition on that title. The staff were nice, but even the purser, I have to say, was clueless. More on that later.

Bottom line on Dragonair A330 New Economy Class

A strong comfortable product with a few flaws to correct. I’d definitely fly them again in the future, but wouldn’t exactly look forward to my flights as much as I looked forward to this one on them anymore.

Expect a full report soon.


Websites in China…no Instagram

Tomorrow will be my first time in Mainland China for the year, so I decided to check the working websites up there.

The usuals were blocked:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 3.49.11 pm

Goodbye Facebook

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 3.50.20 pm

Goodbye Twitter

…but I realised that Instagram was blocked in China as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 3.51.23 pm

Goodbye…Instagram 😥

I mean…it’s not fair!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 5.23.51 pm