Astro-Med printers onboard Cathay Pacific flights?

In addition to all Cathay owns in their eEnabled program, Cathay Pacific has chosen Astro Med’s airborne NP4840 printer to enhance their program.


As from Astro Med’s own website:

The eEnabled program is a breakthrough communications technology for the airline industry, as it streamlines and integrates communications management among flight operations, data communication services, cabin services, maintenance, diagnostics, and vital safety information.

“We are pleased to have been chosen as part of Cathay Pacific’s industry-leading eEnabled Aircraft system,” said Astro-Med Vice President and General Manager Thomas W. Carll. “Based on more than three decades of aviation printer experience, our proven NP4840 technology combines fast print speed and high-quality resolution to facilitate all of our customers’ airborne printing needs.”

From these sources alone we are yet to see if Cathay Pacific will just keep it for cockpit use or let passengers use it (well, with a cost – I’m not trying to make them make a loss). One thing about Cathay Pacific using it on us and not just the cockpit:



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