Review: OneWorld Extravaganza – Le Anfore Lounge Rome

W Taipei
CX 401 TPE – HKG 77W J
CX 251 HKG – LHR 77W W
Sofitel London Heathrow
BA 572 LHR – MXP 319 Y
Hotel Villa Franceschi Venice
The Style Florence
St. Regis Rome
Le Anfore Lounge Rome
CX 292 FCO – HKG 343 J

Comfort 4/5 Practicality 4/5 Service 3/5 Style 3/5 Meals 3/5 Overall 3/5

I arrived Rome Airport on Friday morning. While Rome Airport is one of the worst airports when it comes to lounges, the actual terminal is rather solid, in my opinion. (Solid as in…it’s useable…but still crap…)

fiumincino airport

Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal 3

I actually snatched one of the last Business seats right at the airport with Asia Miles, as apparently one last seat had opened up. Hooray. (Actually I was rejected the seat…I’ll get to that later…)

Le Anfore is probably the most partnered lounge around. They have so many partners…Cathay Pacific, Priority Pass, Lounge Club, United, Singapore Airlines, Air Krakozhia…anyway. 😉

The lounge is situated right next to the Alitalia Giotto lounge near gate G11, which I’ve heard bad things about.


Le Anfore Lounge Rome Entrance

My first impressions of the lounge were that it was a furniture shop storage area. Okay, a nicely decorated one, but still. There was a lot of seating, which I appreciate, as there was always a place to sit (unlike the Cabin Hong Kong, which has a review coming up soon).


Le Anfore Lounge Rome


Le Anfore Lounge Rome

I sat at a table next to the “window”, hoping to get a little of the food spread.


Le Anfore Lounge Rome “Window”

The lounge decor was basement, no-natural-light chic, so wasn’t really impressive.


Le Anfore Lounge Rome

At this point I got weird looks from the others in the lounge, so I’ll throw in some pictures that show aspects that were exactly the same in my visit.

The lounge housed a serviced bar (which I ordered a Coke from).


Le Anfore Lounge Rome unattended bar

We got to visit the food spread and had a brief meal before we left for gate G3, as we were assigned for the longhaul home.


Le Anfore Lounge Rome food spread

Actually, during check-in I was “on hold” for the business seat, which basically means a no given that it’s last minute. My parents were upgraded and I was stuck in Premium Economy, so I was quite pissed. Suddenly, one of the lounge attendants rushed over and addressed us by name, saying they had to reprint my boarding pass, handing my new boarding pass to me. It said 20A. Yes…

After that it was off to rushing for the flight (due to the kerfuffle) and going home.

Bottom line on Le Anfore Lounge Rome

Overall this lounge gets points for having seats. That said, it didn’t have any privacy anywhere, so I would choose another lounge given the chance.

Should I have had a Priority Pass membership I’d try the I MOSAICI lounge due to better morale. However this lounge is perfectly fine for one or two hours, but that’s already about how much I can handle. 😉


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