Royal Jordanian releases 787 interiors

Royal Jordanian’s Amman – Bangkok – Hong Kong route is about to be replaced with a 787. RJ made their 787 inaugural a few days ago from Amman to London, and released their cabin product as well.


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787

They don’t look half bad, either (better than their A330s, and a lot better than their A340s).


Royal Jordanian Airbus A340 Business Class


Royal Jordanian Airbus A330 Business Class


Royal Jordanian Airbus A330/A340 Economy Class

Royal Jordanian’s 787 entryway is not just a galley. Like Boeing’s specifications, they made a large entryway out of it. Looks enough to fit Kardashian’s family…


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Entryway

Their business class is the United/Thai 787 equivalent, except for the tone colours, which are pretty much like what they have now.


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Business Class

These seats are flat beds, which I like.


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Business Class

The seats seem modern enough, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take them (assuming I don’t get the same pilots as Lucky).


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Business Class Seat Console

Economy is similar to what Royal Jordanian has now, except that the seats are arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration. Crap! I’ll fit in it, but how can my dad fit in one of those?


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Economy Class

Legroom looks adequate.


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Economy Class Legroom

Well, earlier I mentioned that the seats were the same…except that the screens are bigger and look more modern.


Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Economy Class

Anyway, I can’t wait for them to fly over, and will grab them if I have a chance, given that my parents aren’t too freaked out by a Middle Eastern airline!


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