Cathay Pacific exclusively putting 747s on short haul routes

The last longhaul 747 Cathay Pacific flight arrived from Johannesburg yesterday morning.


The August 747 San Francisco farewell ceremony

From now on both cities (Johannesburg and San Francisco) have been replaced with 3 class 777-300ERs, like many other cities before that (well, most of them have been replaced by 4 class 777-300ERs, but whatever, it’s the airplane and the product that counts).


The 777-300ER may be more comfortable, but is nowhere as majestic

True, the 747 did have an older cabin product, which made my claustrophobic mother really uneasy. (I didn’t mind.)


Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 Business Class

I’ve mentioned the grandeur of the 747 that I didn’t want to let go of. Now it’s transformed into pure nostalgia.


Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400

Luckily, Sapporo doesn’t seem like it’ll be changing aircraft permanently anytime soon.


At least CX’s 747 still flies here

I’m not way too depressed, as it’s not the 747 that’s going, but while CX is the most accessible airline to me by far, it seems like there’s going to be a much lower chance of me taking the 747. Farewell…

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