Loud sex in a Hong Kong hotel?

I’m yet again staying at the Sheraton Hong Kong, which I reviewed last time. There was a promotional fare of HK$580 which I was offered from a travel agent and I jumped on it, and points can still be accrued, so it’s a nice bet (even if it’s just mattress running), given how good the hotel is.

Just now I left my hotel room for a night stroll out in Hong Kong (even though I live here, I have had only a few chances to stroll through). I walked past room 1014, and I heard a loud noise.

It’s definitely not the kind I prefer to hear, either.


I mean, it sounded like one man and two girls going at it really loudly. One of the best things about the Sheraton is good soundproofing effects, so I have no idea how they’re going so loudly. Now, prostitution is illegal in Hong Kong, and as far as I know (or else I wouldn’t hear it) it wasn’t a suite, so I think two people at most are allowed in there (to stay, though people can come over to your room if they want to).

But Hong Kong…seriously?


I’m just going to continue my night stroll (I’m currently working from the Avenue of Stars with my iPhone) and have a good night’s sleep, as this doesn’t really affect me (I’m room 1018, so there shouldn’t be a big problem – I wonder what the people in rooms 1012 and 1016 feel like!). I can’t complain – first of all I’m not affected, second of all that’s what hotels are for…right?

UPDATE: I think I owe you an update – I was witnessing the scene as a man came out with three women and two of them retreated to the rooms 1012 and 1016. Not a concern for noise anyhow in this case, but still very strange given this is Hong Kong!


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