My seven flying habits of 2014

I don’t think I will be flying anymore this year (that’s a quick quit, I know), so I’d share what I found myself doing every time on the plane.

1. Whipping out my iPhone/camera and taking pictures of cabins we pass through

I’ve taken the chances to grab a few nice cabin pictures for you, including those of cabins above those we’re taking.


Remembering the image of true luxury…

2. Ripping open the antiseptic packet if there’s one

Airplane cabins are usually dry, so I guess that makes sense. When I fly Economy (when they don’t pass out antiseptics), I tend to live with it though, so it’s kind of strange.


3. Searching for a menu

Well, it’s worth taking some pictures of the menu before taking off, as after takeoff when service starts you don’t want to miss anything.


Piper-Heidsieck Brut…at least I can fantasise

4. Asking for nuts in business

When I’m not given nuts, I crave for them (especially on airplanes), so I ask for them. Please don’t remind me how high class I am…I know, I know…


5. Make a joke or two with the flight attendants…nicely

Saying “it’s hard to choose” from the dinner cart on Cathay Pacific business class is enough to make a flight attendant giggle. And it’s nice.


6. Snap landing pics

One of my best pics was from landing in Auckland…(sitting at the back of the plane helps)


7. Remember my departure/arrival gate by heart

I still remember that I went on the plane at gate C2 in Taipei, and I didn’t write this down anywhere…I’m a geek, I know.


Anyway, these are just some of the rather unusual flight habits I have.

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