5 Airline products that I want to try (and have a chance to)…

I figured I’d make up a list of airline products that I’m itching to try, so here you go…

Cathay Pacific/Dragonair New Economy Class

While I’ve flown the old product a couple of times this year, I haven’t flown the new economy product, so it’s up there on my list of products to try.


THAI Economy Class

I’m going to Phuket most likely in February, so THAI’s economy class should be a better option than Dragonair’s A320, and the timings work out better for us. Watching a non-CX or KA plane in front of my gate will be nice…


Cathay Pacific New International Business

While Jason’s tried the product, I haven’t, so I’m excited to do so.


Malaysia Airlines 777-200 Business Class

Now Malaysia Airlines pulled their A380 out of Hong Kong, this is the most likely product I’ll ever try on then. I’ve always supported Malaysia Airlines through their two crises, and was one of those who broke down upon seeing this picture:


So, in a twisted way the crashes actually make me want to try the product more than ever before. And Cathay codeshares on most MH routes… 😀


Dragonair A321 Economy Class

Flying Dragonair is always fun – since you have no idea what to expect. I’ve actually flown Dragonair’s A321 Y before to Okinawa but ended up in a 2-2 configuration with a 3-3 at the back – what? The main reason I want to retry this is to clarify about the configuration.


Anyway, just a heads up of my five most aspirational cabin products.


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