An overview of upcoming trip reports…

Right before I jump out of trip report territory (based on the number I have to write it’ll probably be November given my juniority on writing them), I’ll give an overview of what products will be reviewed.

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy
Flights: CX 251 HKG – LHR

I know this trip report is taking long, but there’s a 777-300ER Y+ trip report coming straight up. Hopefully I’ll roll it out today…


British Airways Euro Traveller
Flights: BA 572 LHR – MXP

I’m excited to finally put a trip report of a flight that doesn’t have Hong Kong at either end…


Cathay Pacific A340 Business Class
Flights: CX 292 FCO – HKG

Along with the Taipei to Hong Kong new business class review, my Cathay Pacific longhaul business class reviews will be complete. As far as I know there are only two longhaul business class products…


Dragonair New Business Class
Flights: KA 380 HKG – FUK, KA 381 FUK – HKG

I’m excited to review this, as reviews of this seat over the internet are existent but still scarce.


Anyway, this is just a heads-up of upcoming reviews…so stay tuned if any of these interest you! Speaking of that, I think I’m having too many oneworld reviews right now, so my 2015 Feb trip to Phuket could be on Thai… đŸ˜€


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