Japanese toilet categories

In light of my Kyushu Karnival trip report, I thought it’d be good to “categorize” three types of toilets you see at Japan, and link each post with such reference over here.

Category 1 toilet: “Normal” toilet

These are those non-bidet style toilets, where all you can do is do your business in the toilet. The only thing most people are actually missing is the ability to heat the toilet cover, but that’s a big advantage, so these are the lesser toilets out there.


No, they don’t have to be this colour

Category 2 toilet: Bidet style toilet, bidet options only

Sometimes you get a toilet where you can press for bidets, though flushing and opening/closing toilet covers are still manual. Most of those still get a warm-butt option, so I like them, but they’re not actually so high tech they’re actually Japan-esque. (Actually, the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore had a Category 2 toilet, so…)


Seikai Beppu Category 2 toilet

Category 3 toilet: Full Japanese toilet with electrically controlled toilet covers, flushing and warmed toilet seat along with bidet options

These are the full-on Japanese toilets that open upon entering and have A380 cockpit-style buttons in a (few) panel(s) on the side. These toilets are the ones that get me excited, even if I can do what I can do in a Category 1 toilet (except, of course, warm the toilet seat).


Hoteiya Yufu City Category 3 toilet

So this is just an explanatory post for how I’m talking about toilets in hotels and lounges in the future. I hope I can roll out Jason’s trip report quickly (and push out his photos) and then roll my own out.


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