Seikai Beppu – my first ryokan stay

Hello again from Seikai Beppu! This is the second of my four (including the hotel I’m going to tomorrow, Hoteiya Yufu City) most Japanese nights of my teenage life. (Blogging on two tatamis put together as a double does NOT add to the authenticity.) We booked the two night stay through the website, but I’ll have to share in the full trip report (which there, of course, will be) the full details because I forgot most of them. Billing is tomorrow (?!?), so I can have a peek to know how much a night costs up here (or down here, if you’re situated 7 floors above ground or above reading this).


Hello from this place! šŸ˜‰

While the full trip report will come after the trip (and after the OneWorld Extravaganza is fully posted), I figured I’d share my initial impressions.

The room

As an “L” suite (the most expensive of the suites this hotel offers, surprisingly as I see that my friend’s “K” room is larger), this is a nice room. I’d say it’s about 500 sq. ft (the whole suite), but I could be totally wrong.


Living room




Japanese room


View of Beppu Bay from balcony

The bathroom features its own onsen – there are better ones in the hotel, but seriously, this is ridiculous(ly good, if you didn’t notice).


Private onsen

I’ve saved loads of pics, but can’t post too many as there’s no wifi in Seikai and my pocket wifi only has 400MB of data which I think we’ve used as a family (it’s unlimited but gets really damn slow after the limit is reached).

The room was definitely nice, but I can’t help thinking that it’s a little small and cramped. I guess it’s just that there are too many partitions (though these are #firstworldproblems like everything else here).

The resort

The resort itself is nice as well – there are public baths which I used, but I have no aspirations of accidentally catching a naked woman man in one of my photos, so I won’t post any of the public baths.


Entrance of a public onsen

I’ll share the rest of the resort details with the full report.

The food

The food kicked a$$.

Let me say that time. The food kicked a$$. With few exceptions the food was nice and flavorful. The only problem was that there was a little too much of it (thirteen courses for dinner is a little over the top, yeah?)


Breakfast this morning

The service

The service had so many little touches to them. Everyone here is friendly and treats us like guests (and not just going through the motions). The instruction sheets do make it seem dorm-like (“we will inform you where breakfast is tomorrow”), but the actual service wasn’t. We were engaged in small talk and the manager remembered the kids’ first names.


This is a great place to spend a few nights. I wouldn’t hesitate to return with a good price, though I do prefer a more spacious room, but that’s a small price to pay for an authentic while warm and friendly ryokan. Hoteiya, here I come!


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