Hello from Hoteiya Yufu City!

Konichiwa from Yufuin! I’m now in the Hoteiya Yufu City after a nice meal and am now blogging on (uh) a tatami. I had somewhat low expectations of this place, but I’m overwhelmed. This is a real ryokan in its own right. I mean…



It does smell of rhubarb in the whole ryokan (nothing unbearable), but that’s a small price to pay for the awesome room.


Japanese self-opening toilet

It’s probably twice the size of the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore One Bedroom Suite , the hotel suite I’m going to start using as a “base comparison” for huge luxury hotels. (None of our reviews are perfect, but this trip report kind of automatically crowned itself as the best review, airline, hotel or anything else, on this blog.) I mean, it’s got a square private onsen and a porch (without views, but a few square meters), so what more can I ask for?



As a teaser, I’m going to leave it to you here for a night’s sleep. Pics to come tomorrow (again, I still have some on my camera though it’s now a backup tool).

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