Why I love Japan…

I checked out from the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka just now, a hotel full of nice touches that don’t make sense. For example, they have a “Japanese style” stool in the bathroom. It works, but am I going too far to call it a little…racist? 😛


Don’t forget your…oh wait, I’m still in Japan

Last night I had dinner at Hakata Kira, which the Grand Hyatt recommended. While the horse meat wasn’t my cup of tea (and I skipped), everything else was, and it turned out to be a great barbecue restaurant.

We left happy, and when we got back to the Hyatt (we walked – it took 15 minutes) we were immediately informed by the priority check-in agent (we spent the night at a Club Room) that we had left something (compliments on the priority check-in guy’s part for remembering us). Turns out they were right, and the restaurant offered to bring it over.

Let me say that again.

The restaurant offered to bring the bag over to the hotel. And it was raining heavily.

Sure enough, when we get home from an evening at Canal City, the bag is tied up on our hotel door (again, thanks to the priority check-in manager for taking the effort to look up/remembering our room number).

OK, given that the hotel and the restaurant are only 15 minutes’ walking distance apart and this is Japan, this stuff is expected…right?


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