Hello from Seikai Beppu!

I’m in Seikai Beppu right now, the first of two ryokans I’m going to be staying. Due to multiple TripAdvisor awards (and stashes of yen that we’re losing from the stay), our family had high expectations.

First of all, this is where I am:



Hell, I know this is a great place if I don’t know what (high quality) Japanese brand this stuff comes from.


GemiD amenities – never heard of them, but they’re perfectly nice

After all, this place is the biggest suite this place has, and it has a Japanese room, a living room, an entryway as big as the one in the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, a separate bedroom with two beds (the Japanese room fits two tatamis so each person in the family gets a separate bed), and a balcony facing Beppu Bay (I tell you, if I can wake at 5:28am tomorrow and the day is not bamboozled with clouds, I can take pictures of the sunrise that will be worth all the money spent on this trip). My mom paid for this trip, so I really owe my mother a lot. Maybe like this? If so let me get my bucks stashed up. 😉


At least Mom and Dad can watch this with me tomorrow…

I’m excited to explore Beppu, full after a 13 course meal (I’m convinced none of the courses weighed over a gram, so I’m still kinda hungry), obliged to give you updates, and happy I can spend quality time with parents.

That said, the trip is only six days, but since we’ve used as much cash as Jason would’ve used on his month long trip, I can’t complain.

Love Kyushu for now and looking forward to what’s happening next.


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