The most rewarding travel…isn’t for you guys

You know how much I love writing trip reports. I’ve written just two (not counting the one I’m writing for Jason, of course), but I’ve used a lot of effort in both.

I had a little family dilemma (don’t worry, everyone’s fine) last night, so to keep things short, the only technology I’ll be bringing this trip is my camera. Hell, I want to spend some time to make up for the argument last night with my parents, and blogging daily isn’t gonna help.

So, this blog will be quiet from the day I fly (Saturday) to next Thursday (when I come back). Safe travels, and hope everyone’s fine with this.

I will, though, be putting up a post about my overall experience. A trip report (like those now) will come soon after that, after I get Jason’s trip report done (which will take a while with my six day down time).

I’ll still try to post whenever possible today or tomorrow though, and maybe write up some posts for autoposting, too.


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