The least pretentious W service anywhere?

I had dinner at the Sing Yin restaurant with family at W Hong Kong last night. After signing up for a Hong Kong W dining coupon, every restaurant at W Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou, Sentosa Cove and a few other properties is 75% off, so I’m basically just trying to make up for the HK$2200 that I paid for my yearly fee for the card. (Actually, I’ve already saved $1868.5 and I have to renew my card next May, so I’m set for now.)


Ah, the big homey sign…

I enjoyed a stay at the W Retreat Bali Seminyak back in 2012. Everything was excellent except the service, which didn’t have the genuine “Bali” feel and was pretentious (I’m Starwood Platinum and I had to force them to upgrade to a Marvellous Suite – which they were still selling – by tweeting to SPG, since I was Starwood Platinum). The service throughout the whole hotel was a little pretentious, as we had to make them do most of the things that they are allowed to do for guests (such as ask if we could bring alcoholic drinks down from WOOBar) that they’re not obviously supposed to do (like give us a room – they did that).

Anyway, back to last night. I wanted a drink, but my nephew (wait – did I tell you I had siblings?) stupidly asked the waiter if we could bring drinks down from the WOOBar on the sixth floor. He rushed right up and checked, and a minute later another associate addressed us by name, and apologised profusely, saying only non-alcoholic drinks could be brought down from the WOOBar (I wanted a martini). I wonder why the waiter didn’t call up the WOOBar, but he’s worth commending, as he didn’t say “no” right away.


Guess where?

Well, I’m happy to report that the food is as good as the service (for a W that’s amazing), so this restaurant gets a big plus from me.

I also celebrated my friend’s birthday at the Kitchen back in May, and the service wasn’t so proactive though it was still unpretentious (which, if you don’t have a dictionary, is a good thing). The food there did make up for it, though. 😀


This is the first W that gets a full gold star from me (well, I only stayed at the W Bali and had dinner at the W Seoul Walkerhill – I stayed at the Sheraton D-Cube last time I was there – so take my opinion with a grain of salt), so I’m itching to make a staycation there sometime.


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