Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 loses contact and crashes in Ukraine

I was about to go to bed just now when I saw about 50-100 tweets about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Usually that’s a bad thing, and this was no exception: I found that the flight, 9M-MRD, had crashed near the city of Donetsk, carrying 295 people. All are assumed to be dead but firefighters are currently searching for live bodies.

I won’t go into it anymore since it’s already 1am in the morning, but I will have a follow up post in the morning. But I’ll share my initial thoughts:

  • I felt like we shouldn’t always look up the dark side when MH 370 went missing. I don’t feel that way now. Ultimately, thinking clearly, I can’t really list a bright side of the incident. I think I’ve just matured in thought and can no longer see things with such a light heart sometimes.
  • Ultimately this isn’t as devastating as MH 370, since the feeling that the status of your family members is “unknown” is a lot worse than knowing that your family members are dead, but it is still really devastating for me. I’ve always wanted to try Malaysia Airlines, so it feels like a “future home” to me, so I’m really concerned about this.
  • I’ve always thought that Malaysia Airlines had a “one off” on safety when MH 370 disappeared (I realise the words “one off” could be offending, but please understand that I mean “ultimate fatal safety flaw” instead of “instability”), but after MH 17 crashed I no longer feel that way. They’re a great airline, but I think I’ll hesitate to fly Malaysia Airlines if anything else happens in the future, which I pray doesn’t happen.

I’ll share my thoughts after a good night of sleep (it’s 1am, and concerned or not I’ll collapse anyhow), and I’ll share my refreshed, organised thoughts in the morning.

Best wishes, and safe travels everyone.

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