As much as I’d like to review a chain hotel…

In February we’re deciding to go to Bali. We’re going to spend three nights in Ubud and the other three by the beach. So this site has reviewed chains and non-chains, and while reviewing chains is generally more useful for business travellers, I find going out of my way to stay at non-chains perfectly enjoyable.


I mean, you gotta have this from time to time…

I kind of set my eyes on the beautiful Villa Kenyeri (which is the smallest villa that Bidadari Villas can fit us, and looks perfect). Just look:






The best thing is that this only costs $4700 a night, including taxes. 🙂

Now I gotta convince my dad that it’s a good idea to spend nights at the mountain then move to the beach. I guess I’m the only one in the family who disagrees that Bali is purely a beach resort… (If I do convince my dad, we’re trying to find a chain villa hotel in the area.)

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