The Westin Ubud will not be a full-villa property

My blog did not get shut down by North Korea, never worry. I was busy trying to write up a long post about Starwood, Hilton etc brands. I’ve only got to the seventh hotel brand – ~80 more to go! It’s nice to at least post something to keep you entertained.

I’ve stayed at two spectacular all-villa properties in my life. The first villa property I’ve stayed at and had sweet memories of was the Sheraton Grand Laguna Phuket – unfortunately it closed in 2011 and renovated into a Banyan Tree property, the Angsana Laguna Phuket. We had our own pool, but that wasn’t the highlight – there were three floors. If it were still around it’d definitely be dated, but in 2009 it was simply spectacular.


The other spectacular property I stayed in, in 2013, was the W Retreat Koh Samui. Okay, service was slightly pretentious and they tried to charge us the cost of Fiji water for a bottle of Evian, but the hard product – which includes the amenities – were simply phenomenal. Admittedly it’s a little pricey at ~HK$4800 a night, but it was worth it – I didn’t want to leave.


So all along I was hoping to stay at Westin’s upcoming Ubud property, so I asked Westin Hotels and Resorts on Twitter if their new Ubud property would be a villa or room property. They were polite – and fast – about it, but gave me an answer I wasn’t hoping for – they aren’t an all villa property. My mom loves all villa properties as much as I do (apparently they’re “less crowded”), so this was especially disappointing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 2.15.46 PM

To be honest, there’s still a Four Seasons with non-astronomical prices (about HK$5115 for a room that can fit the four of us), so my mom’d go with that if she judges the prices as expensive (as opposed to too expensive – really, those are the only options).

Me: Westin just tweeted me saying that Westin Ubud has 109 guest rooms with 4 villas.
Mom: How much for the rate?
Me: That’s all they told me.
Mom: Budget is a big concern.
Me: It’s not bookable yet. 😦
Mom: OK
[silence for a minute or so – my mom’s at Disneyland]
Mom: But I prefer all villas hotel cos it will [sic] not much crowded. Try to search other hotels.
Me: Four Seasons Bali is available for a villa @ HK$6000 but they have suites (hotel entirely suites/villas) for HK$4572
Me: Though I think need special arrangements to fit 4 in a suite
Mom: I’m watching Golden Mickey. Wait.

Okay, admittedly she didn’t say the last part, but…

So the fact that Westin isn’t making an all villa property is slightly holding me back from staying at them. The main problem with non-all villa properties is that villas are outrageously expensive, so I guess I’ll try contacting the Four Seasons for an adequate room with an adequate price.


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