Lounge reviews in Hong Kong and Fukuoka could be possible!

Earlier I decided to take one for the (family) team and not review the lounge in Hong Kong, and probably not Fukuoka.

Apparently the friend of my mother is bringing her parents along with family, so they’d have their airport meal alone, leaving my family a chance to access the lounge. So I can review the Bridge Lounge and the JAL Sakura Lounge Fukuoka (I’m especially excited about the latter as it’s an extra airline – wait, I hope that counts – to my list).

I haven’t seen pictures of the JAL Sakura Lounge Fukuoka (apparently no one has reviewed it before – yay!), but I have seen some of the pictures of the Bridge in Hong Kong. So I’m super excited about how this is going to turn out.

Well, most importantly, this is still unlikely to happen (me sitting in a lounge taking pictures and writing a review of a lounge, I mean), as on the last day having to drive over from Yufu is still a factor, and my mom still loves shopping – but at least it’s more likely, right? Either way, I’m excited about this trip! 😀


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