And the eighteenth airline torturer is…

…China Airlines!

After Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, American, Austrian, China Southern (at least that’s not the case on their new 777-300ERs), Emirates, Etihad, JAL (domestic), Jet Airways, KLM, Philippine Airlines, Scoot and TAM, an eighteenth airline joins the torture club by squeezing an extra seat into the 777’s Economy.

Business Class is good (as are all reverse herringbone seats), Premium Economy is one of the better ones in the class, but Economy…whyyyy?

I mean, China Airlines is planning to roll the 777-300ERs onto the 15 hour TPE to JFK flight. It’s better than the 25 hour AKL to LHR Air New Zealand flight, but not by much.

At least they followed Air New Zealand with the Skycouch.


Business Class


Business Class entertainment



Business Class Sky Lounge


Premium Economy (I’m pretty sure the controls are manual, but don’t rely on me)


Premium Economy


Economy (Skycouch)

I’d try hard to take a Premium Economy seat over an Economy seat if I was on one of the 777-300ERs on China Airlines, but for the majority of the market, Economy isn’t great. (However, Premium Economy looks like a game changer with the new Sogerma Celeste, Business Class looks wonderful but I’d avoid Economy if possible.


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