Kyushu Karnival Khronicles, Part 7: It gets fun until here…

Part 1: We upgraded to a Club so I can review breakfast! + Details
Part 2: Can I survive public showers (onsens)?
Part 3: Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is between a shopping mall and…a red light district?!
Part 4: Abandoning Aso
Part 5: Gone is the Portico in Asian Grand Hyatts, but what should I expect?
Part 6: Upgrading myself but taking one for the team…
Part 7: It gets fun until here…
Part 8: Highest Price, Least Beds, and Free Wireless Internet

Finally, we decided on the Hoteiya Yufuin (yes, that’s the “not fun” part, not having to choose hotels anymore). It has a mediocre rating (yet really good reviews) on TripAdvisor, so I have mixed feelings about it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.28.10 PM

The room, supposedly called “HOTEI”

The site is simply hilarious. I can list a few quotes that caught me:

  • A hot spa makes you reborn. (Notes: That’s not a spa, it’s an onsen – and “reborn”?)
  • Fountain quality: Simple fountain Effect: Tiredness recovery, burn, rheumatism, neuralgia (Notes: This is the first time I’ve seen a hotel advertise one of their features as “simple” and even say that being in the fountain onsen triggers burn, rheumatism and neuralgia!?)
  • After slowly enjoying bathing, let’s take a rest at the place. It prepares medical herbal tea, jasmine tea. And play soap bubbles for fun. (Notes: The “place” – is that literally creative, or is it just a ridiculous way to name a…well, place? And how old am I, “play soap bubbles for fun”?)
  • You can enjoy drinking the Shochu at night, and roasting hail in the hearth here. (Notes: What the hell are you trying to make us do, “roast hail in the hearth”? Is this Middle-earth?) UPDATE: After visiting, apparently that means “making popcorn”.
  • The time makes you slow and relaxed. (Notes: 9z76u)

Just a few thoughts about our new hotel choice… (I think the above gif sums it all up?) The food and rooms look pretty good, but it’s the website that’s the throat grabber. 😉


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