Some famous DJ throwing a giant party at W Taipei – and he apparently “actually sucks”?

Reader (and friend) lulu sent me an email today, which I found rather amusing:

at w taipei… it’s funky… my mum hates it and got really pissed at the front desk people as there was a giant party with some world famous DJ who actually sucks…

(grammar not edited in any way, so excuse the grammar for being much worse than mine)

So I think y’all know I stayed in the W Taipei before and had a fabulous stay (but there are second to no details on this blog due to lack of pictures, but One Mile At A Time’s review is here and he had a similar experience though in a much superior room). So I was rather surprised when I received this disappointed email, and kinda disappointed myself since I recommended the hotel to him (saying that it was awesome).

I immediately thought of two huge mistakes the DJ made, disregarding the email:

  • Why DJ at the W? It’s got enough obnoxiously loud music to feel like a porn set disco, so the DJ won’t help anyhow.
  • Why Taipei? Taipei isn’t really the most touristy place (though it’s sure fun), so why not go to a more populated (with crazy people) place like Hong Kong, Singapore or Seoul (assuming the DJ wants to go to Asia)? lulu’s right, this DJ can’t choose a destination.

Adding on to that he’s not really impressed with the room either:

lulu: On the minus side… the room is smaller than they advertise it as!
Me: i’ll write a post about that. what room type?
lulu: faaaaaabbbuuuuullllloooouuussss room…. acccording to the front desk “talent” person thingymabob…
Me: More talent than you, at least! i went in the fabulous room before – my sunset picture was taken from there. 🙂 writing a post now.


Why did I say that? That’s because I had nothing else to say about his disappointment. (By the way, lulu, I’m not making fun of you – just being surprised by your disappointment.)


W Taipei “Faaaaaabbbuuuuullllloooouuussss” Room

He’s not too happy about the W concept, switching gears:

damnit…. cant w call a concierge a concierge instead of a freaking whatever whenever desk… call your staff members associates instead of talent or whatever they call them

That’s the W concept. Live with it.

It’s supposedly lulu’s first time at a W (though I’m not too sure about that), so he’s literally commenting (disappointedly) about every aspect. He swears by Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La usually, so since I’m the one who made him “downgrade”, I’ll just bear with it.

Disclaimer: It’s five minutes till midnight and my dad has forced a sip of sake down my throat which can mess up my system at this age. I reserve the right to change my mind and take his email as a pile of BS in the morning.

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