North Korea…an aspirational destination?

North Korea has fascinated me. While it’s not everyone’s ideal destination, it definitely seems…nice for a week-long stay.

(Photo Courtesy of No, I didn’t go to North Korea.)


Pyongyang (the capital of North Korea)

I mean, what’s going to be a better trip report than Air Koryo from Beijing to Pyongyang and then a review of the Koryo Hotel/Hyangsan Hotel/Kaechon Political Prison Camp?


Hamhung City, North Korea


Hamhung City, North Korea


North Korea Countryside


North Korea Countryside

(If looking at these pictures changes your perspective of North Korea, let me know.)


North Korea Countryside


North Korea Countryside


North Korea Countryside


North Korea Countryside

On a slightly unrelated note, I’ll be going to Seoul, *South* Korea next April. I have no idea where I’ll be staying (I can’t confirm they’re all chain hotels), and I have no idea which airline I’m flying, and I have no idea about the duration. Updates by next March!


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