Delta to Seattle, American to Dallas – direct, now!

Delta and American have both enhanced/started services to Hong Kong a few days ago.

Delta DL 281/282 SEA – HKG – SEA

DL 281 SEA – HKG 14:24 – 19:35 332
DL 282 HKG – SEA 10:25 – 08:18 332

Seattle is one of my aspirational destinations (though I’ve yet to update my list of them), and I’m excited for Delta’s new route from Seattle to Hong Kong. Delta’s probably one of the better US airlines (according to reviews), so it’s a good way to go for now (I’d choose Cathay over it, if they ever start service there).

Delta will be running an Airbus A330-200 daily between these cities, which features a reverse herringbone business class product. Though they don’t have an adjustable headrest and the padding isn’t phenomenal, the layout is one of the best in the sky, which I’m not too excited about since unless Cathay codeshares with them there’s not really any way to redeem miles and travel on them (for me). Economy will have a seat pitch of 32 inches, which is standard for all airlines. Economy Comfort will have a 35 inch seat pitch.

This is great, and I’ll just have to work hard to drag my dad onto a long flight – or grow up and leave without him. 😉


Delta Airbus A330-200 BusinessElite


Delta Airbus A330-200 Economy

The timings are okay for the Hong Kong leisure traveller (okay, maybe the 14:24 departure time is a little too early for departing an exciting destination like Seattle), but for the Washington-based leisure traveller heading for Hong Kong, 10:25 is way too early a departure time, but it’s a small price to pay for a direct route between two exotic cities.

American AA 137/138 DFW – HKG – DFW

AA 137 DFW – HKG 12:45 – 18:05 77W
AA 138 HKG – DFW 13:30 – 16:30 77W

I’ve never been excited over American or Dallas, but the fact that they’re bringing their 777-300ERs to Hong Kong is enough to make me interested (though doesn’t raise my interest in Dallas itself one bit). American’s reverse herringbone product is phenomenal, but I’ve heard that the service really isn’t. So should I be excited? If I were in business class or Main Cabin Extra, yes. (I won’t dream of being in First before I’m truly living alone.) Economy? Definitely not, considering the 3-4-3 configuration. However, with a thin frame, I think I’ll live with it without freaking out.


American Boeing 777-300ER First Class


American Boeing 777-300ER Business Class


American Boeing 777-300ER Main Cabin Extra


American Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class

Timings are a little awkward for travellers from both nationalities. It seems like for both timings the plane takes off a little too early for departing travellers from the destination city and lands too late for travellers from the origin city, but I guess that’s the only way it’s fair. I could live with the timings, but I’m not sure if that also applies to “play-all-day” parents bringing their kids to Dallas or Hong Kong.

All in all, two great additions and I’m looking forward to going to Seattle on Delta after I manage to drag my dad onboard.

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