Blog Redesign Feedback?

I know I’ve only been blogging for a matter of nine months and probably only have forty people visiting the blog per day (which is a lot for a WordPress free blog and I’m quite impressed), but the blog is still something I threw together in less than ten minutes and I want to make it look better.

So just now I took a few photos from my iPhone (sorry for the bad quality, I don’t really have a “good” camera lying around anywhere) and put together a new banner. The banner will probably make the blog look slightly better, but I don’t know, but I’m keeping it either way – it took me longer than the outline of the whole “original” blog.

And I can’t really change the white background or relayout anything, as I’ll have to pay for that.

So, as content is king, is there anything any of you folks want to add to the blog? Right now all I have is a Trip Report Index, and I’m about to make an “About” page. So please comment if you want any extras on this blog and I’ll act to them immediately.

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