Comparing and Rating Hotel Bathrooms

Some friends of mine are heading to Kaohsiung (one who went with me already in May) and are staying in the Urban Hotel 33, and I’ve heard that they are shocked. The main difference, they say, is in the bathrooms. So what’s the difference? Let’s check it out!

Ultimately I think there are four main perks that toilets have, rated like this:

  1. Existence of a walk-in shower
  2. Existence of a tub
  3. Another sink (every hotel I know of has at least one)
  4. Existence of a view from the bathroom (hopefully a good one)

All hotels offer toiletries of various quality, so due the the amount of toiletries (most that I haven’t used), I won’t rate them here. Also, other problems (like having glass walls so people can peek inside) can’t really be rated, so I won’t include that either.

So I’ll try listing bathrooms with different combos of these perks, and rate them accordingly. (1 – lowest, 8 – highest, if you haven’t figured.)

1. A bathroom with a sink and a shower head


Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching Hotel Kenting Deluxe Double Twin Room on the Second Floor Bathroom

While practical, these bathrooms seem slightly bare at times. All they have is a sink and a hose leading to a shower head, and occasionally a tap underneath. It doesn’t flow inside a tub or anything, just has a shower head. While at the Toong Mao I lucked out and stayed in a room with a walk in shower (phewf), I have stayed at one of these bathrooms in a little B&B in Niseko Village back in 2011.

2. A bathroom with a sink and a walk-in shower


Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching Hotel Kenting Deluxe Double Twin Room on the First Floor Bathroom

Don’t get me wrong, my guest room toilet at home looks similar, but sometimes travellers – especially business travellers – want to soak in their own bathtub after a long day at work. Unless you flood the walk-in shower or the whole bathroom, you’re unlikely to do that here.

3. A bathroom with two sinks and a shower


Treetops Lodge and Estate Rotorua Pheasant Cottage Bathroom


Treetops Lodge and Estate Rotorua Pheasant Cottage Bathroom

I love that you’re giving us two sinks, but why not cut a sink for an extra tub? I don’t know.

4. A bathroom with a sink and a shower/tub combo


Toong Mao Evergreen Hotel Kaohsiung Bathroom


Toong Mao Evergreen Hotel Kaohsiung Bathroom

Many upscale hotels also have a shower/tub combo. As seen above the shower is put above the tub and the water from the shower flows into the tub – it’s a little unacceptable in upscale hotels nowadays, but come on, I have this in my master bathroom.

5. A bathroom with two sinks and a shower/tub combo


W Los Angeles West Hollywood Bathroom


W Los Angeles West Hollywood Bathroom

I don’t get why they don’t cut a sink for a walk-in shower. That’s because it simply feels awkward to shower in a tub (though I’ve got used to it from home), and it’s always nice to soak in a tub without having to push away the shower hose from time to time.

6. A bathroom with a sink and a separate tub and shower


Hilton Frankfurt Toilet


Hilton Frankfurt Toilet

(I do understand that that looks like a shower/tub combo. Yes, the Hilton Frankfurt has both a walk-in shower and a shower/tub combo, which is odd, but at least it has both.)

This is the minimum requirement for a good hotel bathroom. The problem with shower/tub combos is that the mechanism between the shower and the tub can be fiddly – and it always feels more spacious to take a bath in a separate enclosure. A single sink is slightly bare though…

7. A bathroom with two sinks and a separate tub and shower


Marina Bay Sands Toilet


Marina Bay Sands Toilet

These are one of the best hotel bathrooms, and at least they are best equipped. I usually think this is one of the keys to a good hotel, a spacious bathroom. However it’s lackluster on one point…

8. A bathroom with two sinks and a separate tub and shower, a separate room for a toilet, the best view possible of the city, awesome Asprey Purple Water toiletries and bling all around and doesn’t have a lockable door so you can have a threesome in the shower


Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Toilet


Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Toilet


Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Toilet


Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Toilet


Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Toilet

Hmmm, I think that’s my minimum. (My maximum is probably the Park Hyatt Istanbul, but that’s more like an attraction than a bathroom, so…)

Anything I missed? Please tell me!


2 thoughts on “Comparing and Rating Hotel Bathrooms”

  1. I am in residence currently at the urban hotel 33… While the room is very small and extremely outdated… I have to say that the bathroom is really small with a sink/walk in shower combo… With a really flimsy curtain that separates the shower and the rest of the bathroom…

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