Review: Northbound Hop – Exploring Pingtung County

KA 432 HKG – KHH 333 Y
Ferry Ride Cijin Scenic Area to Gushan Ferry Pier
Toong Mao Evergreen Hotel Kaohsiung
Exploring Kaohsiung
Jinzuan Night Markets
Exploring Tainan
Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching Hotel Kenting
Exploring Pingtung County
Kenting Street Night Markets
International Terminal Kaohsiung International Airport
KA 437 KHH – HKG 333 Y

Disclaimer: Sorry it took so long to write this post. I took 584 photos out of boredom and had to choose the best ones which took a while. I only have three photos of Kenting Street Night Markets so I’ll try to roll it out today or tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, the rest of Pingtung is much more interesting than Kenting itself, though we just passed through the rest of Pingtung. It may just be a “Google Images” place, except that you don’t find these places on Google Images.


Drive into Kenting


Drive into Kenting

While the weather wasn’t good, it kind of seemed to just add charm to the area. There weren’t any mountains that would make it more charming, but I’m still imagining myself between the tall rice fields in the area. Wandan County particularly caught my eye, though there are no decent hotels/chain hotels in the area.


Drive out of Kenting (same area)


Drive out of Kenting


Drive out of Kenting

I’m pretty sure there’s not much below the surface in the other townships we passed, but the “surface” is damn intriguing.

Shortly we got to the west coast of Taiwan. While this was definitely not the best beach in the world, it was great to see a large body of water at last after fields and fields of rice.


Drive into Kenting


Drive into Kenting


Drive into Kenting

We stopped by at the Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium in Checheng. It wasn’t up to the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore (since that was substantially nicer), but it definitely is a very close second.


Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Walking through the Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Walking through the Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


Hey look, that’s me! Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

After that we headed into Kenting. While Kenting isn’t really a paradise as many travellers believe (more on that in a moment), it’s pretty damn nice on the outside.


Approaching Kenting


Approaching Kenting


Approaching Kenting

Soon we reached Kenting Beach, which was overly touristy and didn’t seem charming.


Kenting Beach


Truck near Kenting

During the night markets – I’ll actually cover the night markets in the next installment – I had a chance to feel the “vibe” of Kenting (more accurately, Hengchun). Or, rather, I could see if the vibe was existent or non-existent. I say that because there was no vibe in Kenting – it’s basically Shek O (OK, I’m going a bit too far) minus the vibe and double the tourists. And the roads are packed, but more or less with trucks and cars. Having read Lucky’s review, it really made me think of Cannes.


Kenting National Park

I guess the fact that this is a national park and not a city has to do with it, but Kenting is definitely not a place I’d spend more than a day in. The actual beach is reportedly amazing during the day (we passed the beach during sunset) and we didn’t visit Kenting National Park which should also be amazing (the only thing we actually did was go zorbing – more details on that later), but otherwise the area is boring.


Views from “Harry Potter’s Flying Balls”…what?

Speaking of flying balls…


Going zorbing on Friday morning

(I was too chickened out to zorb. 😦 )


Views from zorb

Overall, Pingtung is a fascinating places. Kenting takes all the glory, but in my opinion, as nice as Kenting could be, what really fascinated me were the little townships (like Chaojhou and Wandan). I’ll definitely spend some more time in Pingtung, find out the vibes of the little townships (or if the vibes exist), and maybe throw in another night in Kenting if time allows. But apart from the beautiful places (that I have yet to visit) such as the park or the beach, I wouldn’t spend so much time in Kenting alone.


Views from highway


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