Kyushu Karnival Khronicles, Part 5: Gone is the Portico in Asian Grand Hyatts, but what should I expect?

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Part 2: Can I survive public showers (onsens)?
Part 3: Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is between a shopping mall and…a red light district?!
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Part 5: Gone is the Portico in Asian Grand Hyatts, but what should I expect?
Part 6: Upgrading myself but taking one for the team…
Part 7: It gets fun until here…
Part 8: Highest Price, Least Beds, and Free Wireless Internet

I wasn’t really a toiletry geek in the past, since body odor wasn’t really an issue for me. However this is changing.


The best toiletries in the world 😉

So far my favourite (legit) hotel toiletries are Asprey Purple Water amenities offered at some Ritz-Carltons. Too bad only some hotels have them while others have less awesome standard Ritz-Carlton toiletries.


They smell better than water at least…

Unfortunately Hyatt doesn’t partner with Asprey (which, having only stayed at Westin, W, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance and Sofitel, is the only toiletry brand that my mom classified as “acceptable”), but I know I won’t be getting the awesome dreaded Portico amenities. I know in the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka I’ll either be getting Aromapothecary amenities, Cornelia toiletries or June Jacobs amenities. I know all of these are better than Portico, but I’ve used none of these before, so I have no idea what to expect.


Aromamethpothecary amenities

I know I’ll only be using them for a night, but I’m travelling with friends and don’t want to receive complaints about body odor. Stay tuned for the following roadblocks, as I’m one of the people in the booking process right now!


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