Cathay Pacific starting flights to Zurich from 28 March 2015

I know this has been announced a long time ago, but Cathay Pacific is starting flights to Zurich. That’s a good route for Cathay Pacific since Zurich is the perfect gateway to one of my aspirational destinations, Lauterbrunnen. (Too bad there are no decent chain hotels there that I can review… 😦 )


Lake Zurich

The timings are, well, similar to all other places Cathay goes to:

CX 383 HKG – ZRH 00:15 – 06:55 77W
CX 382 ZRH – HKG 13:30 – 06:45 77W

Would I think this is practical? Well, of course it’s practical, but what catches my eye is the fact that the flight number starts with a “3”, while all the other Europe flights have numbers starting with “2”. Overload? I guess not…


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