Cities worth visiting that I haven’t visited

I know that I’ve ranted enough about places I wanted to go like Qasr Al Sarab and Southeast Germany, so I decided to just make it all a post.

Shanghai and Hangzhou

I find it embarrassing that I’ve never been to Shanghai before, and Hangzhou seems like a beautiful place to me, so both are worth a try (and these two cities are just a train ride from each other so I’ll probably be putting both in the same trip).



Munich and Berchtesgaden

While Berchtesgaden is always known to be beautiful, Munich looks pretty scenic as well, so I’m keen on visiting both cities. Again, Berchtesgaden is a less than two hour ride from Munich, so I think I’ll be going to both places on the same trip as well, if ever.



Abu Dhabi and Dubai

I’ve always wanted to see camels at Abu Dhabi, and Dubai seems fun. This is a less likely place to go since there are more crimes in Dubai, but this is just an aspirational list after all (there’s no way I’m going to all of the cities in this list).



Auckland and Queenstown

Auckland was beautiful when we saw it upon descent, but I only had a very, very brief time there. Queenstown looks beautiful to me, so I wouldn’t mind reporting an extra leg to go to beautiful little Queenstown.



Enniskerry and Dublin

Ireland seems charming, so I can’t wait to visit. It’s a little bit far from the nearest airport that flies direct to Hong Kong (i.e. soon Manchester) though, and Dublin only has flights to Europe, the Middle East and North America, so it’ll be quite a bit of planning. Fortunately, Powerscourt Hotel is still part of Marriott, and Dublin has quite a lot of good hotels, so I can review those too.



Aphrodite Hills (Pissouri/Paphos) and Nicosia

Cyprus isn’t a city many people I know have visited, but the InterContinental Aphrodite Hills is known to be situated in a very good environment. As for Nicosia, it seems like a charming (admittedly ugly) city, so I’m excited for that too. That said, I’ll probably have to wait until I can travel alone as not to make my dad suffer from a connection (which he isn’t normally keen about).

golf 13


I’ll be adding to this list. Stay tuned!


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