Review: Northbound Hop – Ferry Ride Cijin Scenic Area to Gushan Ferry Pier

KA 432 HKG – KHH 333 Y
Ferry Ride Cijin Scenic Area to Gushan Ferry Pier
Toong Mao Evergreen Hotel Kaohsiung
Exploring Kaohsiung
Jinzuan Night Markets
Exploring Tainan
Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching Hotel Kenting
Exploring Pingtung County
Kenting Street Night Markets
International Terminal Kaohsiung International Airport
KA 437 KHH – HKG 333 Y

Comfort 2/5 Service N/A Amenities 5/5 Little things 5/5 Meals N/A Overall 4/5

After walking past the unexpectedly nice Kaohsiung International Airport terminal (second last installment of this series – stay tuned), we drove over to Cijin, where it really didn’t seem scenic at all. I’ll share some pictures of Cijin alone in another installment (wow, writing these long trip reports are tiring).


Cijin Ferry Pier (the only non-run down building in the area)


Views surrounding the pier and bikes lining up

The next ship came, and while the motorcycles rushed out, we started boarding.

Kaohsiung Ferry Shipping Cijin to Gushan Route
Monday, May 12th, 2014
Origin: Cijin Ferry Pier (Cijin) Gate: N/A Dep: N/A
Destination: Gushan Ferry Pier (KHH) Gate: N/A East Arr: N/A
Duration: 20 min (10 min)
Aircraft: N/A
Seat: 3G (Standard Class)

One may notice that I took the same seat as I did on the Lamma ferry trip I reported back early last month.

No. While it’s technically the same seat (in my sophisticated alphabetical numbering system of course), the seat layout is different; on the Lamma ferry it’s in a 3-5-3 configuration, and here it’s just 3-3-3. This is the upper deck though, so it makes sense. (The lower deck is for motorbikes.)


My “comfortable retreat” for the next ten minutes

Despite the soft padding (well) legroom was quite ample.



I liked the hardwood floors, seen above.


Glimpse of the floor below

After they sealed the pack of sardines closed the doors, we were off in no time. I realized we were allowed to stand up and relocate ourselves to the outside area of the boat, so I (along with a pack of friends) did so.


Leaving the pier


Views off the boat

Though the weather was abysmal, the views were awesome. (Well, fair enough, since it’s dark and light hues of clouds that make everything beautiful, right?)


Views off the boat

I went down the stairs to take a shot of the vehicular deck as well.


Vehicular deck


View of the ship vessel name (lit. flag drum no. 1…?)

I spent the rest of the time taking pictures while leaning off the balcony/deck/whatever that porch like metal bar surrounded deck thing is called.


Views from deck


Views from deck


Kaohsiung skyline from deck


Views from deck

Views kind of got progressively better as we reached mainland Kaohsiung shortly.


Views from deck


Views from deck

Soon enough, we arrived Gushan and as the motorcycles rushed off our ferry, we began the minute long journey to a nearby baobing store.


Alighting ferry

All right, I’ll bring you one of my wonderful Insta-angle pictures (forsooth, this is the only angled picture I have)…


Road leading from pier


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