Kyushu Karnival Khronicles, Part 1: We upgraded to a Club so I can review breakfast! + Details

Part 1: We upgraded to a Club so I can review breakfast! + Details
Part 2: Can I survive public showers (onsens)?
Part 3: Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is between a shopping mall and…a red light district?!
Part 4: Abandoning Aso
Part 5: Gone is the Portico in Asian Grand Hyatts, but what should I expect?
Part 6: Upgrading myself but taking one for the team…
Part 7: It gets fun until here…
Part 8: Highest Price, Least Beds, and Free Wireless Internet

Yes, that’s right. We had no choice but to upgrade ourselves so we could have breakfast at a good rate. I should actually bring you the details of this trip, should I?

So, we’re going to Kyushu in August, as you may know. We’re interested in visiting Aso and Beppu, and are finding hotels (I’m interested in Seikai Beppu and Irifune Aso). We planned to have a night in Fukuoka as well, and between the Hyatt and the Hilton, we chose the Hyatt. We’re taking Dragonair, my parents in business while I’m in Economy, since I’m following my mom’s motto: “Fly for less, live for more.” (Dragonair only releases two award seats to Fukuoka, taken by my parents.) As you may know, I accidentally booked a non-refundable hotel room in the Hyatt on Friday night. (Oops.)

In Beppu and Aso, we still haven’t confirmed our hotels. I’ll be updating the Trip Report Index accordingly. 😉


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