Hotel Booking Rule No. 1: Watch out for “Non-Refundable”

I’m such a s^&*.

We’re going to Kyushu in August, and will have a night in Fukuoka (then we’re going to Kumamoto and Aso, details to come later). We stumbled upon the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and the Hilton, and as the Hilton was all sold we went with the Grand Hyatt.

I was the one who did the booking this time, which was a mistake (since I got off KA 437 less than seven hours before I started booking, and I was damn tired). The biggest mistake I made this time was forgetting to press “Non-Refundable”, and didn’t click for breakfast the next morning.

I’m sorry that I can’t bring you the breakfast spread, and I guess I’ll have to stand the rest of the family being pissed at me.

P.S. My parents want to live in some onsen hotels in Kumamoto and Aso, so I’ll skip the chain hotels like ANA Crowne Plaza to live in some smaller huts where there’s basically an onsen in each room. Details on those later too.

2 thoughts on “Hotel Booking Rule No. 1: Watch out for “Non-Refundable””

  1. I’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, the location of the hotel is excellent. It is literally right next to a shopping mall!

    1. Since that’s just a setoff point for us, that’s the reason why we booked. Fortunately we upgraded to a Club King because of this, details on that later (after I publish my trip report). Too bad there are no more Club Twin rooms, so my dad and I will have to share a room with only one bed…doh!

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