Northbound Hop, LIVE: Pt. 4

I’m going home tomorrow, and to be honest, given beautiful Taiwan, I can wait (sorry Mum).

We moved to Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching today. While I don’t like busy Kenting (the food is awesome but there’s literally nothing else to see), I have to say I’m the first one loving the hotel. I’m pretty sure we got upgraded, since there’s a gigantic 200 sq. m empty floor in front of me that no other rooms have, so we’re letting other people from our school tour into our room. 😉

We did pass some beautiful places in Pingtung. I’m itching to spend more time in Tainan and Taipei, and am especially interested to visit Wandan in Pingtung.

Pictures will roll out this weekend, so please stay tuned. I’ll be starting the trip report on Sunday or Monday, depending.


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