Northbound Hop, LIVE: Pt. 1

Okay, I admit it. I’m not exactly enjoying myself. But I know I’m here to learn. This is not pure relaxation, but rather a place where I’m learning, engaging with community, taking action, serving others.

I was expecting the hour long flights to be the most luxurious and exciting part of my trip, because, well, we were on Dragonair which is luxurious enough. I was wrong. There was only a large, laggy drop down screen and the seat belt sign stayed on the entire flight due to chop, so it was basically the longest hour long flight of my life (which doesn’t make sense, since I don’t remember ever taking a shorter flight). Details to come later.

The Toong Mao Evergreen Kaohsiung is no Ritz-Carlton, but it isn’t half a rathole either. Though really old, I can definitely compare this to the Renaissance Okinawa (I’m staying at the Ritz-Carlton Okinawa next time), especially from the toilet point of view (it hurts to say this, but the hotel I’m in now beats that Renaissance). The bed is no Westin Heavenly but it is quite comfortable. And the rates are only HK$378/night, so it’s actually really good in terms of value.

Kaohsiung is interesting, but I definitely need to spend more time here to make a general statement.

Stay tuned, and see you tomorrow!


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