Rating Starwood chains – IMHO

I do know that there are 6 non-subsidiary Starwood chains:

  1. Westin
  2. Sheraton
  3. The Luxury Collection
  4. W
  5. St. Regis
  6. Le Méridien

I can’t say I’ve stayed at many of them, since the only three I’ve stayed at are Westin (Macau), Sheraton (Dameisha, Phuket), and W (Koh Samui, Taipei). Neither of these are reviewed here – I haven’t stayed at any of these in 2014.

But I do know enough of them to rate them as a whole, IMHO:

1. W Hotels

I haven’t stayed at a US property before, much less a W, so I know nothing about those. However, the two Asian W’s I’ve stayed in are close to perfect. I love the Asian Ws’ vibe, W Koh Samui was really calm and reflecting Thai culture, and W Taipei was vibrant without being stuffy, which I loved.

Of course, staying at a few others – like W Times Square, I’ve heard bad things about, and W Santiago, which I’ve heard terriblemortifying things about – might change my mind.

2. St. Regis

I love St. Regis and would love to try them (conflicting statement, I know). The St. Regis Singapore seems damn good and I’d love to try. St. Regis Bal Harbour is a bit far from my aging father but it’s a pretty good property from the pictures as well. And the five-mile long buffet at St. Regis Saadiyat Island…you kidding me, I need one as well!

3. Sheraton

Sheraton’s probably the one that feels most like home to me. While I don’t love the quiet vibe and colour schemes (take that Ritz-Carlton), it’s quite homey and I’d love to spend an extended stay there. While Ws get me excited, Sheratons make my heart warmed up (and I can’t say I love the latter any better, given that I’m still young). 😉 While I do love Sheratons (as much as Ws and St. Regis’s), I haven’t stayed in them any more often than I’d stayed at other hotels.

4. The Luxury Collection

Up until now I’ve known TLC hotels to be quirky hotels. Some of them have good rooms but mediocre service, others vice versa. While I don’t really know, I assume that this is where I’ll put it before I actually try one, which may not be until long…(For s^&*, I still have to check Hyatt, InterContinental and Hilton off my list!)

5. Westin

They’re not bad, but I can’t say they’re the best. Westin hotels are more like giving you a luxurious place to sleep. They’re not outstanding, but they’re not bad either. I do like the (pictures of) Westin Heavenly beds, though.

6. Le Méridien

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Le Méridien. They just don’t have anything significant. They’re not like the Westins which have heavenly beds, The Luxury Collection which are…luxury, Sheratons which are comfortable, (sometimes) spacious and luxurious, St. Regis’s which feel elegant and are aesthetically/substantially stunning or Ws which have that unique but still luxurious vibe. I still recommend them, but the Le Méridien David etc. are those that really pull this generally good hotel chain down.

I still have to try Hyatt, Hilton, and quite a few other hotel chains, so I’d definitely need to try them soon and report them here.


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