Recapitulation: Blingapore (April 2014)

Three days ago I published my last installment of Blingapore.

So, another recapitulation here…

So on April 17th I travelled from Hong Kong to Singapore on Cathay Pacific Flight 739 in Premium Economy, which was as plush as Business (I did squish the Business seat padding, which seemed identical).


Then I went and stayed near the Marina Bay in the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. It was awesome, and even earned it’s trip report a new name (“Winging to Merlion” seems pathetic!).


Then I explored Singapore, a Hong Kong on flatland (as opposed to hills).


What seemed so shortly after I visited the Terminal 1 Changi, where I stayed for as long as I had ever stayed in Hong Kong Airport in my life (OK, I’m exaggerating).


Soon enough (well, apart from those pathetic eight hours) I was on my way home on Cathay Pacific Flight 734.


Can’t wait till Monday! Next time I’ll probably be convincing my parents to stay at the Grand Hyatt, St. Regis or the Marriott, since they’re closer to mostly ION Orchard where my mom can go shopping (happy mom = happy life, right?). Also, I’d like to try the Conrad Centennial, Hilton (though does Lucky complain about the juju?), Sheraton (renovated – it’s one of the worst chains out there in Singapore but it’s not bad), InterContinental (no wifi? noooooo), Shangri-La (I want to see what the vibe is about), Pan Pacific (doesn’t seem bad, really), Mandarin OrientalFour SeasonsFairmontHoliday Inn (the only luxurious one I see), WestinW Sentosa Cove, Sofitel (the new one, it looks really luxurious!) or the Swissotel (just to name a few).

Actually, just for reviewing’s sake, I’m trying my best to stick to mass chain hotels like the Hyatt or Westin etc. (Mind you, I count those like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons as chains too.) Of course, sometimes (like at Kaohsiung, or maybe somewhere I want to) I’ll go out of my way to review a hotel that I want to stay in (which is totally different from those I want to review, and the latter is so much more fun), and I’ll review it anyway.

Stay tuned! I won’t be bringing my computer to Kaohsiung, so while the hotel has WiFi, I’ll be blogging on my phone, which means no pictures will be put on.


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